November 4, 2019

Our Wines

An excellent Chilean winemaker participates in the elaboration of our boutique wines, which puts all her passion and expertise to achieve the remarkable qualities that distinguish our crops.

The first vintage was the year 2015, giving rise to high-end wines:



Camino de Santiago

Variety: Rose Blush Monastrell (Mourvedre)

Strain: Red (Fermented like a white variety)
Origin: Maipo Valley, Chile
Harvest: Manual
Year: 2019
Barrel: 2 months in American Oak Barrel
Color: Tangy pink color, bright
Aroma: Delicate flower notes
Taste: Very fresh to the palate; red fruits like black cherries are highlighted.
Complex, elegant wine; persistent to the palate
Pairing: Goes with mediterranean Foods; Salads, Cheese and Apetizers
Service Tempeature:8° to 9° Cel / 46.4° to 48.2° F
Alcohol: 11.5
Sugar: 2.3
Acidity: 5.8
Volatil Acidity: 0.30
PH: 35
Bottle: Sparkling · Empty weight: 883 grs · 750 cc/ml/0,75 L


Variety: Garnacha

Strain: Red Wine
Origin: Maipo Valley, CHILE
Harvest: Manual
Year: 2018
Keep in barrel: 10 months in French and American oak barrels.
Color: Crimson red, clean and bright.
Aroma: On the nose, floral notes reminiscent of violets and fruits such as raspberry and cherry.
Taste: In the mouth, it provides wild sour cherries and has silky tannins. Terrace wine, Spanish flavor.
Pairing: Suitable to accompany entrances, fresh cheeses, fish and white meat.
Service Temperature: 12 to 14º Celsius / 53.6º to 57.2º Fahrenheit
Alcohol: 13o
Sugar: 1.23 gr / l
Total Acidity (H2SO4): 4.38 gr / lt
Volatile Acidity: 0.35 gr / lt
pH: 3.46
Bottle: Burgundy / Burgundy color / Minced 40 mm / Empty weight: 883 grs. / 750 cc / ml / 0.75 L


Variety: Tempranillo

Strain: Red
Origin: Maipo Valley, Chile
Harvest: Manual
Year: 2018
Barrel: 10 months in American and French Oak Barrels
Color: Ruby Red, Clean and bright
Aroma: Delicate and juicy notes from orchard tomatoes, leather and forest fruits
Taste: Typical Spanish wine, it has an intense mouth, with tannic notes that add complexity and flavor.
Pairing: Ideal with Pastas, Red Meats, Cured Ham and Cheeses
Serving Temperature: 14° to 16° C / 57.2° to 60.8° F
Alcohol: 13°
Sugar: 23
Acidity: 5.6
Volatil Acidity: 0.30
PH: 3.6
Bootle: High · Empty Weight: 683 grs · 750 cc/ml/0,75


Variety: Monastrell (Mourvedre)

Strain: Red
Origin: Maipo Valley, Chile
Harvest: Manual
Year: 2018
Barrel: 10 months in American and French Oak Barrels
Color: Brilliant cherry
Aroma: Its nose is fresh and intense, with ripe berries of blackberries and blueberries.
Taste: In the mouth, aromatic herbs such as laurel stand out. Wine with a Mediterranean flavor.
Pairing: Friendly tannins make it a fabulous wine to accompany pasta, game and red meats, hams and cheeses.
Serving Temperature: 16º a 18º Celsius / 60,8º a 64,4º Fahrenheit
Alcohol: 13º
Sugar: 23.4
Acidity 5.6
Volatil Acidity: 0.32
PH: 3.4
Bootle: Medium · Empty Weight: 945 grs. · 750 cc/ml/0,75

Espíritu Ambar

Variety: GARNACHA 75% – MONASTRELL 25%

Type of Wine: Fortified Tawny style
Origin: Maipo Valley, CHILE
Harvest: Manual
Edition: Solera, 2nd edition
Aging: The production of each year is aged for 12 months in French oak for various uses, then a mixture of various years is used in the final mixture.
Color: Amber
Aroma: Intense nose of dried fruits such as hazelnuts, walnuts and plums in syrup, with hints of spices such as cloves and vanilla.
Flavor: Unctuous and very complex on the palate, with a sweetness balanced with its alcohol and acidity. Long persistence and an explosion of flavors in the aftertaste.
Pairing: It is an ideal wine for blue cheeses, dark chocolate and all kinds of chocolate and caramel-based desserts.
Service Temperature: 12 a 14º Celsius / 53,6º a 57,2º Fahrenheit
Alcohol: 18º
Sugar: 85 gr / lt
Volatile Acidity: 0.3 gr / lt
pH: 3.6
Bottle: Long neck straight half bottle / Color transparent / Chopped: 20mm / Empty Weight: 500 gr / 370 cc / ml / 0.375 L